How To: Easy Faux Loc Tutorial

faux loc tutorial

Materials Needed:

2 Skeins of yarn in color of choice



  1. Wash, condition and detangle hair. (I also deep conditioned with a mayo and oil mixture. If you plan on keeping them in for a long time, I suggest a deep condition.)
  2. Let hair dry and twist into medium sized two strand twists. This will serve as the foundation of your style so try to part neatly.
  3. Cut several strands of yarn a little more than double the length you want the faux loc to be.
  4. Fold the yarn strands in half and place over one of your two strand twists. Braid the yarn into your hair using the twist as a strand. Braid yarn into all two strand twists.(It will look lumpy, but we’ll cover it up, so it doesn’t matter.) Braid until you almost get to the end of the precut yarn. Leave some out for tying off later.DSC01362
  5. Tightly wrap more strands of yarn around the braid to create a faux loc. Repeat until all braids are wrapped.DSC01391[1]
  6. Knot the end tightly, but do not release the loc, otherwise it will unravel. Take your lighter and burn the end of the loc above the knot. Be careful not to go too far up otherwise you could burn your hair. Move the lighter constantly or you will burn through the yarn and the loc may come out.DSC01397
  7. Cut off the ends under the knot and burn. Wait a moment then rub the ends between your palms. Repeat until all braids are covered.

Have you tried installing your own faux locs? Tell us about your experience. We love hearing from you and thanks for reading.

And if my tutorial has confused you, this video helped me a lot and the process is a little easier than the method I used.

How To: Easy Faux Loc Tutorial