Good Health: Major Benefits of Doing What You Love

By AwalFitness

There’s an old saying: do what you love, and the money will follow. I say: do you what you love, and your health will follow. Am I saying that the right job will keep you illness-free? No. As I type, I’m in the process of dealing with a nasty chest cold. But it’s the first bad bug I’ve had in about five months – a new record for me! And I have yet to call out of work for it. Yay!


If you knew me during my med tech days, you would be itching to high five me right now. You would recall all the times I called out in a year for a chest cold, the flu, allergies, sinus infections – all the foes of the upper respiratory system. I have had asthma since birth, so I’ve never been a stranger to a tight chest and clogged sinuses. But ten years of working in Blood Services were filled with the crappiest health of my life. A major part of it was being in such an enclosed space with bodily material all day. Fun stuff. But I really believe a big part of it was stress and overall unfulfillment. I am a people person who thrives on communicating with others. Even in my years working in the lab, I would find myself spending minutes – maybe too many – chatting with coworkers about all life’s little intricacies.  But my people skills were not advancing me in my career in any way. At the end of almost every work day, I would leave feeling as if I had not done enough. And the busier the work day, the more unaccomplished I felt.


Now the opposite is true. As a full time trainer, my job is to talk to people all day, figure out what their fitness goals are, and work with them to achieve them. In addition, when I’m not working at the gym, I’m working out at the gym with some of the top trainers in the city. So I get to do what I love and what I do well all day. Winning! There have been days in which I had back-to-back clients lined up for hours, then went home feeling super accomplished. Every time I train someone, I’m instrumental in changing a person’s life for the better. A decade of testing and processing blood for sick people was great, but I never saw the people I was saving. I rarely heard thank you. Plus, I am surrounded by happy people who not only love their job, but also work out constantly. We are all on an endorphin high together! The gratitude, camaraderie, and overall enjoyment I get from doing my job is really improving my mental and physical health. Good work = good life.


Do you love what you do? Comment and share your success story. We would love to hear it!

Good Health: Major Benefits of Doing What You Love

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