How To: Super Defined Twistout


1. Wash and condition hair, rinse out product thoroughly, generously distribute leave-in conditioner of choice, keep hair under plastic cap for 20 minutes for improved absorption.

2. Do not detangle wet hair. Put hair dryer on high. Take a small section of hair, hold tightly stretched out, hit it with heat until dry. Repeat until all of your hair is dry or very slightly damp.  (Here is a video of the technique, though a hair dryer attachment is not needed)

3. Twist hair into two-strand twists, detangle the ends as you go. Leave in for at least 48 hours to define the curls. Not a fan of twists? Try sitting under a hooded dryer for 45 mins on low heat to help your twists set faster. Generally, the longer you leave them in, the longer they last. Spray oil on hair nightly.

4. Apply Shea Butter to finger tips, twist out hair. Take your time and do not separate curls for maximum definition. Curls will loosen over time. Style as desired!

Model: Ashley W. from Awal Fitness

Photo Credit: Ashley W.



How To: Super Defined Twistout

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